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Intuition Basics 101 This April!

I’m excited to announce that the next Intuition Basics 101 workshop will be held by me at Tranquiliti Wellness Center in Windermere, FL. Learn how to become aware of your limiting beliefs and thoughts that have been blocking your very own intuition. Tap into receiving answers and guidance that can work for you on a daily basis!


Lucky in Love


March has arrived and with it comes all the talks of “luck”. When people think of being lucky they immediately picture those in happy romantic relationships as lucky in love. I would like to propose a new perspective to being lucky in love. In order for you to be lucky in love, you must have the ability to love. There is a blessing in that ability alone!

It’s important to note that the ability to love comes from the ability to love yourself. Reach deep within yourself and love all of the dusty corners of your spirit. When you are able to do this for yourself, you learn to love others freely. Did you catch the key word? Freely. This means you don’t feel the need of attachment and the emptiness that it’s absence would make you feel because you are deeply rooted in your own love first. This is the kind of love that, not only lasts, but flourishes.

So how do you master the art of loving yourself in order to love others freely and be “lucky in love”? I’ll give you three ways to get a head start.

  1. Face Yourself. Sometimes we pick and choose what we want to love about ourselves. You like how you look, you love your ambition, and you love your talents, which is all great, but is that all? Don’t ignore the parts that have been repressed and ignored. The wounds, the hurt, the not-so-great parts of yourself need to be loved to. As a matter of fact, you aren’t done until you’re able to love these parts of you and see their role in your big picture. Facing these things, embracing them and learning to love them is a crucial first step.
  2. Be Alone. It may sound like a catch 22 but the more time you spend with yourself the more you’ll be able to love others freely. The same way that couples require quality time from each other in a relationship is exactly how you need quality time from yourself in order for your self love to blossom. Spend time alone each and every single day, take yourself out on a date and spoil yourself!
  3. Invest In Yourself. Give back to yourself as a sign of appreciation. Whether this is in learning and expanding your mind, spoiling yourself every once in a while or simply putting in the inner work to heal your energy, it is important that you prioritize investing in yourself. As you grow mind, body and spirit, your self love expands to unbelievable levels.

Once you’ve achieved these things, you’re able to love in ways you never thought possible and, in turn, receive a love that you’ve never felt before with freedom and bliss. Once you have successfully obtained this… consider yourself lucky in love.

Finding Love from Within

selfloveOur world today is very focused on material things and our outward appearance.  To find the type of  love that will enhance your  life we need to focus more inward and on loving ourselves first. The following are examples of how to go inward and find the love you so richly deserve.

  1.  Meditate every day.  This will help you to take out the mental garbage and help you to see your true picture of what you want your life to become.
  2.  Write in your journal about issues in your life that are unresolved.  This will allow you to work through issues that hold you back from becoming the true person you want to  love.
  3.  Start your day with being thankful. This will allow you to realize that what you are and what you have in your life is a positive thing.
  4.   Create an image that will quickly bring love to your thoughts.  This will allow you to rid yourself of the negative chatter that limits who you are as a person.
  5.   Dispel any thoughts of fear in your life.  Fear is the lowest vibration and extremely negative and can quickly destroy the positive side of your life.

Begin your transformation in your personal or professional life today. Apply the 5 steps above on a daily basis and watch your life change in miraculous ways!! Love yourself with all of your heart and soul!!  You deserve it!