Anne is truly a gifted teacher. I participated in a meditation workshop at it was truly a transformative, uplifting experience. Anne is able to provide a personal, intimate experience by hosting the workshop with a limited number of attendees. She throughly communicates the steps to begin the meditation practice, and provides practical information so your mind doesn't wonder, leading to unnecessary frustration. I would encourage everyone to sign up for the meditation workshop!!! Looking forward to more workshops with Anne.
Christina D
It was a pleasure to meet you Anne and feel very privileged to have been a part of such an amazing afternoon. My reading was very accurate and the questions and answers session was so interesting! Safe travels back to the states. Really hope we get to meet again! Take care and thank you for a very memorable and special day xxx
Sharon Izod
Anne's ability to sense your needs and her insight is amazing! I had a group session with Anne and was moved when both my sister and mom came through. The detail that she spoke from them was awesome!! My loved ones were truly present in the room. I have also witnessed her gift as a life coach, her ability to simplify life's challenges and have one refocus and be more balanced is truly transforming. I look forward to our in home family session over the holiday's. Just what my family ordered!
"Anne's intuition is truly amazing, She is blessed to be using God's gift to help others in a positive way."
"I have had the pleasure over the last couple of years to work with Anne. Her intuitive guidance and compassionate nature allows for one of the most clear, specific, and transformative healing that I have experienced."
Karen R.
"I am from Cleveland, OH and went to visit one of my closest friends who set up an energy-centering session for us with Anne. Simply put, it transformed my life! I was experiencing life-altering turmoil at that time and needed to look deep and identify where the real issues were and do something about it so I could not only find myself, but live again. This appointment ignited my spiritual journey and had me look at life and it’s challenges in a new whole new lens. I am elated to say I have faced my challenges with love instead of fear and am excited for what adventures await me. Tranquiliti Wellness Center is located in a quaint area and has a peaceful atmosphere. I cannot wait to come down and visit again!"
"Working with Anne at Tranquiliti Wellness Center and Spa was a life transforming experience for me. I was experiencing two very trying relationships in my life and with her guidance was able to resolve both of them successfully. She has amazing abilities and vision and I am so glad to have been the recipient of these gifts. Thank you."
"Surprisingly, my graduation gift from college from my mom was the most stunning album she had put together for me with each page filled with photos of my life. Her best friend wrote all my moms feelings to me in this album and love was pouring out of every page. Anne told me at the END of the album to read the poem. On the last page of the album a friend had written me a poem and my mom taped it to the end page!! I had put the album in a hall closet as my relationship with my mom had been difficult for many years.There were many other details Anne has “read” and she has helped me heal and grieve and I’m so grateful!"
Meredith Allen Goodlatte