selfloveOur world today is very focused on material things and our outward appearance.  To find the type of  love that will enhance your  life we need to focus more inward and on loving ourselves first. The following are examples of how to go inward and find the love you so richly deserve.

  1.  Meditate every day.  This will help you to take out the mental garbage and help you to see your true picture of what you want your life to become.
  2.  Write in your journal about issues in your life that are unresolved.  This will allow you to work through issues that hold you back from becoming the true person you want to  love.
  3.  Start your day with being thankful. This will allow you to realize that what you are and what you have in your life is a positive thing.
  4.   Create an image that will quickly bring love to your thoughts.  This will allow you to rid yourself of the negative chatter that limits who you are as a person.
  5.   Dispel any thoughts of fear in your life.  Fear is the lowest vibration and extremely negative and can quickly destroy the positive side of your life.

Begin your transformation in your personal or professional life today. Apply the 5 steps above on a daily basis and watch your life change in miraculous ways!! Love yourself with all of your heart and soul!!  You deserve it!

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